Club Membership

Reservation Requirements

Upon reservation of a Club share at Pico de Loro Beach & Country Club, you will be asked to fill up a Reservation Agreement Form, Application for Membership and Member’s Profile Form. This should be duly accomplished together with a reservation fee of Php 25,000.00. The reservation fee is non-refundable and is valid for 15 days only.

Membership Screening

All prospective members are subject to a screening process by the Membership Committee. Once the prospect has been approved for membership, his/her application for membership will be processed upon the submission of the following documents and requirements within 15 days:

For a Corporate Share
After completion of required documents, you will be asked to sign a Contract to Sell. Please make sure to submit all requirements within 15 days from date of reservation to avoid cancellation of your reservation.

Payments and Financing

There are three available payment terms for purchasing a membership share:
1. Cash
2. Deferred payment, with a 2 or 3 year payment schedule

You will be required to start settle your downpayment 30 days after the reservation date. Downpayment will be based on your selected payment scheme indicated in your reservation agreement or contract to sell.

Available modes of payment are:
1. Cash or dated checks
2. Post dated checks, to cover monthly amortization. Local buyers are required to issue post-dated checks.

Orientation Session and Issuance of Membership Cards

The Membership Office shall schedule an Orientation Session for new members to present the membership cards along with the Member’s Handbook. During this session, the new Member will be briefed on House Rules and may ask any question they may have regarding their membership and Club operations.

Issuance of Stock Certificate

The Stock Certificate is issued to the Member once he has fully paid for this purchase of a Club share. A letter will be sent to the Member notifying him/her of the date and arrangements for the issuance of the Stock Certificate.

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